Developing Performance-Based Integrated Curriculum with the National Career Academy Curriculum Database

Session Type: 
CA Career Pathways Session
Presentation Description: 
Participants will be introduced to the use of the National Career Academy Curriculum Database in the context of developing performance-based and standards-aligned integrated project-based curriculum. Teachers will be introduced to an outcomes-based process and tools for collaborative curriculum design, engage in discussion about types of curricular integration, and use a rubric to assess model project-based plans. Then, working in groups, they will connect one performance-based outcome for a single pathway to a performance task they might use with their team, and develop a set of search parameters. Finally, each group will share their search parameters so presenter can model the search for resources that might be useful to a curriculum development process.

Session Time

March 3, 2015 9:30am to 10:45am
Venue: Sacramento Convention Center
Room: 315


Annie Johnston
Coordinator of Public Programs
College & Career Academy Support Network